Blog Post 6 – A Day Without Internet

For this week’s post we were asked to document one day without using the internet.  This is something that my dad, who isn’t a huge technology fan, has challenged me to do numerous times, wondering if I’d be capable of going a whole day without my phone.  I always insisted that I would be fine, however after thinking about how often I use and depend on my phone and the internet, I wasn’t so sure.  The majority of my college work is online, and my part time job involves a lot of computer work.  Trying to find a day where I could actually be internet free was difficult.

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Eventually, I decided that yesterday, the 7th of December, would be my “internet free day”.  I woke up after my alarm, dismissed my notifications and turned my WiFi and mobile data off.  Determined to prove my dad wrong, I felt quite motivated and started off my day with a walk with my dog.20181005_114845.jpg

Following that, I came home and had lunch with my parents.  I decided to clean my room, and during the process came across an old book that I hadn’t finished.  I continued to read this until about 4pm when I suddenly felt very bored.  Without the internet, I couldn’t contact my friends, scroll through my social medias, or access any college work.  I spent the rest of the evening drawing, organizing my journal and watching TV with my family, before heading to bed at around half ten.

Although it was difficult, I managed a whole day without using the internet.  While I did feel bored and struggled to keep myself occupied, it did make me realise how much I depend on the Internet and just how much I do use it on a daily basis.

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